Jan 6, 2015



Today I woke up and had a realization. I work on one of the most popular shows on television right now. I get to work along side the most talented people in the enteratinment industry everyday I come to set. As a makeup artist in the film industry I have been exposed to beautiful, intriguing places that I wouldn't have otherwise. The people I meet and the personalites I encouter are rare. What other profession would provide these opportunities. I am eternally grateful. 

It's not that I have never realized how lucky I am..but this morning was different. I decided I that I'm going to make the very best of it. SO..it starts here..with my first blog entry. 

Last night was the Portlandia Season 5 premier in LA. Carrie and Fred both looked stunning! The theatre was packed with fans and stars and the reviews have been outstanding! Portlandia airs January 8th @10pm.  Just to peak your interest of whats to come watch the video of how the femenist bookstore ladies met! The best season so far. Promise.