Jan 7, 2015



I've been a catliner girl since I was 16 (EXHIBIT A). I know my liners. I started with Almay because that's what my sister wore so naturally I copied her. I then graduated to MAC Black Track and used the angel brush for application. Recently I've been dabbling with felt pens. I've tried three different pens over the last year. Here are the results..



DIOR ART PEN: I love the shape of the felt tip. It gave a percise line. For the first two weeks I loved it. Then it started to dry out. You should be getting more than a couple weeks worth of liner. Especially for the price. $32.00 

NARS EYELINER STYLO: Not for me. The felt tip wasn't percise enough. It was too stiff and fat. Its a good liner if you're looking for a thick cat eye and it comes in multiple colors which is a plus. $27.00

SEPHORA CLASSIC LINE: Gotta be honest...I'm not a huge fan of Sephora brand makeup..but this one takes the cake. The best felt liner yet! The tip is perfectly designed to create a classic cat eye. Because of the tapered felt tip It allows the abilty to adjust the thickness of the line. I've had it for three weeks and it's still kickin! Highly reccommended. And get this...its $14.00.