Jan 29, 2015

"I Smile Back"

I'm so thrilled to hear the reviews from a movie I assisted on last May with Sarah Silverman and Joshua Charles called "I Smile Back".  It premeired this year at the Sundance Film Festival and the responses have been astounding. It's one of Sarah's first dramatic performances and she nailed it. 


"Laney (Sarah Silverman) goes on a drug and alcohol fueled rampage that causes her husband (Josh Charles) to check her into rehab. Silverman is astonishing in the role, fearless in her portrayal of a woman on the verge of self destruction."


t's a raw portrayal of a troubled woman who seems to have it all: the loving husband, two adorable children, a beautiful house and the car to match. But within the first two scenes of the film, we see Silverman at a take-away counter throwing back a shot and later snorting lines of cocaine as if it’s as natural as taking a sip of water. She is deeply unhappy but we don’t know why. Silverman expertly embodies a woman so uncomfortable in her own skin that she stacks substance atop substance just to make being awake feel bearable.

On the set of "I Smile Back" with Dani Barkat - Needless to say...it was FREEZING that day.